Surgical Robot Prototyping---Shameless selfpromotion

Since this is the first real book chapter I published, I take the opportunity to popularize it:
Prototyping of Robotic Systems: Applications of Design and Implementation by Eds. Tarek Sobh  and Xingguo Xiong (University of Bridgeport, USA).
Chater 10 is "Surgical Robots: System Development, Assessment, and Clearance". You can access the first twopages here.

Abstract: "Information technology and robotics have been integrated into interventional medicine for over 25 years. Their primary aim has always been to provide patient benefits through increased precision, safety, and minimal invasiveness. Nevertheless, robotic devices should allow for sophisticated treatment methods that are not possible by other means. Several hundreds of different surgical robot prototypes have been developed, while only a handful passed clearance procedures, and was released to the market. This is mostly due to the difficulties associated with medical device development and approval, especially in those cases when some form of manipulation and automation is involved. This chapter is intended to present major aspects of surgical robotic prototyping and current trends through the analysis of various international projects. It spans across the phases from system planning, to development, validation, and clearance."

My previous book chapter on Extreme telesurgery is open access.


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