MR-compatible robotics at AIM-WPI

Our great friends at Worcester Polytechnic Institute's Automation and Interventional Medicine (AIM) Robotics Research Laboratory (lead by Greg Fisher) have been developing generations of MR compatible robots. 
Hao Su presented their latest results at SPIE:
You can learn more about the three generations of robots on their website:
You will be able to learn more about their Fabry-Perot interferometry-based force sensors and the MR-compatible controller deisgn once they are out with the ICRA paper "An MRI-Guided Concentric Tube Continuum Robot with Piezoelectric Actuation: A Feasibility Study".

A cool video on their da Vinci slave platform:


Gunther Cox said…
I think the ability to use robots for surgery is fantastic. Smaller and more precise tools involve smaller cuts and incisions and can help a lot of people by reducing healing recovery time.

P.S. I just finished a workshop about robotic assisted surgeries and so I think this stuff is pretty cool.

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