The EuroSurge project

There is a new EU FP7 collaboration project, EuroSurge that aims to collect and organize all available information on European Surgical Robotics Research. (Previous FP projects are here.)
This regard, there is also the MERODA (Medical Robotics Database) from Heidelberg, based on Dr. Pott’s original CAS publication “Today’s state of the art in surgical robotics”.

Learn more about the EuroSurge here, where you can see immediately the list of participating institutions. To support the networking efforts of the group, I'm spreadding here there call for registration. Help us crating something great, register yourself, if you are applicable! 

Distributing their call for collaboration:
    In the framework of the European coordination action EuroSurge, we are in the process of collecting information (see the this excel file for details) about laboratories that carry out research in the field of robotic assisted surgery. This information gathering is the first step to achieve the main objectives of EuroSurge:
    1. Technical: understand the breadth of robotic surgery research in Europe, develop a framework for integration and sharing of research results, and develop a common language for the field in terms of a glossary/ontology.
    2. Organizational: give researchers the opportunity to participate in a network of laboratories that would: stimulate new ideas and proposal writing, organize specific events, be instrumental to researcher mobility, share knowledge and educational activities, and help in the development of new standards.
    3. Legal: provide support to researchers from the point of view of non-technical issues affecting robotic surgery, e.g. patent, ethical, regulatory and legislative questions.
    We kindly ask you to help us making the map of the laboratories whose researchers are involved in all the aspects of robotic surgery. The results of this survey, together with the other project results will be made available on the EuroSurge portal that will provide technical and non-technical support to the researchers. We will also create a mailing list to facilitate the information exchange in the robotic surgery community.
    The first event of the project, in which we will describe the project and its first activities, will be a workshop (proposed) at the EURobotics forum in Odense on March 5-7. This will be a great opportunity for all the members of the community to actively participate to the planned activities and shape their development.
    Please, complete the attached form by January 30th 2012 so that we can prepare a first draft of the research map by the Odense meeting. We are available for any further information you could need, and will appreciate the indications of a contact person (email address) that could be involved in the further steps of data gathering. The indication of other laboratories in Europe, working on the same topic, you know is welcome.
    Thank you very much for your kind attention and your precious contribution.


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