Updates on Titan's Amadeus

It's also time to revisit Titan's for updates. The development is going on, you can see the first and second prototypes above. They have closed another round of share offering in early March, raising a sum of $3M. That won't last for too long with their current burning rate of over $2M per month. Titan licensed a single port device from Columbia, aiming to hit that market, nevertheless, Intuitive got one 2 years ago. They have a powerful simiulation tool from Sensegraphics.
Some more details form their most recent investor's brochure:
  • Increased flexibility and open architecture for expansion of robotic surgery into untapped specialties
  • Robotic arms tailored for specialties that are currently <1% penetrated Patient cart tailored for small to medium size surgical spaces
  • Snakelike, multi articulating arms
  • Advanced communication solutions based on Internet Protocol
  • New type of motor feedback system
  • Targeting ENT, thoracic and general surgery
  • Ownership or exclusive rights to 12 patent applications
  • The company is now performing FTO analysis
  • US market launch in 2015


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