Visiting K.U. Leuven

I was given the privilige to visit Prof. Vander Sloten's Robot Assisted Surgery group at the Dept. of Mechanical Engineering of the K.U.Leuven, just outside of the beautiful city of Löven.
One of the cool projects I checked was LoTESS (Lovanium Tele-Endoscopic Surgical System),  a telesurgical system developed for surgical training within the framework of the PhD of Bert Willaert. Experimental validation demonstrates both reliable force measurement and force feedback.
The other one is the Vesalius robot (already covered here multiple times), getting span out to Instrumen Ltd. I could also try the system on an apple, since this version is aimed at laser surgery.
The group is the key member of the SCATh project, that "will provide the interventionalist with visual and haptic tools for robust and accurate catheter guidance, which will be developed through novel approaches, by fusing preoperative patient-specific anatomical and mechanical models and intra-operative data streams from in situ sensors." Their next joint workshop will be in Madrid in July, with a very tight submission deadline.

The Robot Assisted Surgery group in involved with various other topics, I recommend to visit their website for further details. While there, we discussed a couple of joint project ideas, so hoefully you will hear about it later. (Also, I gave my intro talk within.)


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