EuroSurge puts EU research on the map

 "EuroSurge Coordination Action aims at developing a conceptual integration platform for Computer and Robot Aided Surgery (CRAS) research and manufacturing, based on the following actions:
  1. Identification of the key European players in surgical robotics, (both technological players, skilled end-users and EU funded projects);
  2. Identification of the key European players in cognitive sciences relevant to surgery;
  3. Creation of a glossary/ontology for cognitive surgical robotics;
  4. Specification of a reference architecture for cognitive surgical robotics;
  5. Formulation of procedures for validation of surgical robots and their modules;
  6. Identification of non-technical roadblocks, e.g. patents, ethical and legal aspects."
They are also forging Robotic SurgePedia, a community platform to identify available competences and potential missing topics in the field of robotics assisted surgery with the help of collective intelligence.


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