Kinective Surgical entering the arena

"The Kinective Minimal Access Surgery (MAS) platform is an innovative, patented robotic technology which underpins a versatile and cost effective approach to all keyhole procedures." It is a spin-off from the Machine Intelligence Laboratory Cambridge University Department of Engineering and now residing (virtually) at St John's Innovation Centre.
 Kinective Surgical is looking for investors for $5 million plus Series A funding round (in the long term, looking for £30 million in the long run). The company says "its system has better dexterity than human arms and greater visual acuity and precision, allowing the platform to do all existing MAS procedures without modification. The platform also uses force feedback technology, which it says restores a sense of touch to robotic surgery, as well as 3D visualisation techniques. The system presents slim, flexible arms with the same reach and dexterity as a surgeon. Our unique wrist configuration extends reach and allows the arms to work together."
It also intends to use a configurable approach so hospitals can choose the elements they need. They have applied for their first patent, and now rushing for FDA approval.

Source: Kinective MAS


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