Surgical robotics in Hollywood

Despite the fact that robotic surgery is becoming commodity, it is still featured many times in movies, sometimes in very surrealistic ways. 
A short scene from Prometheus (2012):

Die another day (2002): a da Vinci was shown in the movie, performing more or less accurately, while seemingly autonomously. Later, some KUKA robots were not so friendly:

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Kim Crose said…

The problem with the Da Vinnic robotic is it is dangerous with more down time and unlike the pro claim is having a no of horrific outcomes. Had I known this prior to surgery which should have been a easy fix I would have never- ever had done this. Im scared co-worker at the hospital Im at friends, emplyess and our community to not let them use this device on you hopefully having to scare people to not have happned to me could happen to them.

I had to endure terriblely pain and very sick which actually could have killed me I don't believe its FDA approved, I know there are 1000's of lawsuits amd settlement claims. This needs to be addressed. This is my first letter complaint although without a compensation of 100,000 I will proceed with 2 other claims I know and will after a much higher settlement.
T. said…
Editorial note: The da Vinci is FDA cleared for various procedures. Since it is a teleoperational system, it is as good as the surgeon controlling it.

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