Satava visiting Hungary

Prof. Satava is spending a few days in Hungary, primarily as a keynote speaker at the Hungarian Surgical Society's biannual Laparo-endoscopic Congress. He gave a lecture in Herceghalom on "Robotic Surgery in the age of Directed-Energy Surgery" and another one on "Surgical Education in the are of Accountability". He envisions "single instrument which     
  • performs both diagnosis & therapy    
  • in real time   
  • at point-of-care   
  • hand-held, portable, low power  
  • could be autonomous (closed-loop feedback)  
  • home-based consumer product."                            
He presented their Psychomotor Multi-skill Device designed within the frames of the Fundamentals of Robotic Surgery. (The curriculum will be covered here.)
Later, he was also visiting the local “George Berci” Surgical Training and Research Laboratory as a special guest of Prof. Sándor

If you want to know more, Dr. Satava is also distinguished seminar speaker at Óbuda University. He will give an open seminar next Monday (Oct. 14.) at the Antal Bejczy Center for Intelligent Robotics. If interested, sign up at at


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