iSYS teams with Medtronic

Medtronic is quite busy these days. Recently, they also closed a cooperation deal with iSYS. The "sandwich robot" has been typically used with Medtronic navigation systems, and now they are forging closer ties:
"The Austrian medical device manufacturer iSYS Interventional Systems (iSYS) is on a joint venture with Medtronic, a worldwide leading manufacturer of medical technology. The aim of the joint venture will be to facilitate the development of robot-based operating instruments for navigated neurosurgery. Quarton International supported the entire transaction process and advised iSYS Interventional Systems in all phases of the negotiation."

In the meanwhile, Medtronic's CEO also sees a possible future partnership with Google's Verb Surgical: "They [Verb S] bring a different capability compared to what we bring, whether that will create a competitor or partner is tough to say, and it could be both."

Medtronic should coming out soon with its own system: "Medtronic's plan involves tying Covidien's interventional surgical devices to robotic equipment under development, with a launch hoped for later this year."

iSYS 1 main features:

  • 4 degrees of freedom: alignment adaptability
  • High positioning accuracy: relative: 0.02mm, absolute: 0.1mm
  • Modularity and compatibility:works with all CBCT/Fluoro C-Arms
  • Compact flat robot design: Can be used in cases of tight clearance margins
  • Unique metal-free needle guide design:No imaging artifacts
  • Stable table adaptation via various table adapters or carbon fiber boards
  • Set up configuration flexibility
  • Setting up the system: In just a few steps the iSYS1 is attached to the treatment table and ready for use
  • 3D imaging and planning is done with the ConeBeam-CT Workstation.
  • In one simple step the sterile needle guide is attached to the needle guide extension on the robot
  • After gross postioning of the robot - the marker inlay is inserted into the needle guide.
  • Micro-positioning of the needle guide is done remotely from a safe distance using the joystick
  • After attachment of the needle insert, the iSYS1 allows stable and precise guidance along the planned trajectory.
  • Verification and quality assurance: Needle insertion under fluoroscopic guidance ("progression view")
  • The correct needle position can be verified before, during, and after treatment.


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