Medineering GmbH - Surgical Robotics

Not much is know about the activities of medineering GmbH, except that the Munich-based company is developing an Intelligent Mechatronic Assistant systems  for minimally invasive surgery, and according to their original timeline, their system should already be on the market.

"The Surgical Base System is a fully integrated, intelligent, and safe positioning system for surgery. It is characterized by a novel operating concept with extensive assistive functions.

Benefits for the surgeon: 

  • Ideal workspace for direct use at the OR-table through optimized kinematic design and redundant kinematics
  • Excellent handling through minimal system weight, offered by lightweight construction (approx. 8Kg) and gravity compensation
  • Optimal ergonomic haptic feedback via soft touch segments for an intuitive and safe interaction
  • Situation-based interaction via integrated sensors and signaling of state changes
  • Easy integration into surgical workplace with quick fixation to the OR-table rail system
  • Exact positioning by controlled release of single degrees of freedom
  • User-based configuration saving of intervention relevant positions and orientations of the system
Technical advantages: 
  • Application-oriented system for serving the surgical field
  • High precision positioning with backlash free joints
  • Extremely technical application versatility via mechatronic interfaces for the attachment of instruments, optics, manipulators, and other third party systems
  • Fully computer-integrated system with internal communication bus for quick data acquisition and processing
  • We have resolved to revolutionize the surgical workplace in head surgery with an innovative modular system and robot-assisted approach.
  • Modularity is the product philosophy of the “Surgical Head Suite” – the future assisted workplace for transcranial, transnasal and transoral minimally invasive approaches.
  • The “Surgical Head Suite” will be the base for the Surgery of tomorrow – with an optimal visualization of the surgical site, a precise manipulation modality of instruments and optical systems as well as an easy understandable display of information. 
  • Significantly increase the efficiency and cost effectiveness in the OR
  • Enhance of the patient safety by process safety and standardization
  • Provide the basis for advancements of complex minimally invasive surgical procedures
  • Create best training opportunities and an attractive surgical workplace in the hospital"
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