Da Vinci FC - A new way to reach the peripheral lung

Some visual updates appeared on the new Flexible Catheter system. Their lung biopsy application is especially interesting from the market point of view, since Auris is also shooting for that, with a new $280 VC investment in the bank
"Intuitive Surgical is developing a new, minimally‑invasive technology to obtain tissue samples of the lung. The technology will use CT scans of the lung to create a road map.
An articulating, robotic‑assisted catheter will allow navigation along a planned path through the airways to a predetermined location. The catheter's size and maneuverability will allow it to pass through small and difficult‑to‑reach pathways in the periphery of the lung. The presented da Vinci technology is still in development, not 510(k) cleared and the safety or effectiveness of the product has not been established. The product is not currently for sale in the US."

Source: Intuitive


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