Funding of surgical robotics projects

Bringing a new device through all the development, tests and validation is a long and tedious task. Many projects do not survive the long pathway to the users, or facing very long delays. (THINK about the ROBODOC story.) Gary Guthart said in 2009 that it took over $500m RnD money to make the da Vinci a mature product--meaning the da Vinci S. Nowadays, it is just as hard, and even more expensive to make the new surgical robots ready for the market. Here are some examples from the US and the RoW.
Funds gathered by TransEnterix for their SurgiBot and Senhance systems:
Funding rounds for Auris Surgical Robotics:
Virtual Incision from University of Nebraska:

Hansen Medical:

Medtech with ROSA:


Cambridge Medical Robotics:
Blue Belt with Navio:
Source: CrouchBase


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