ExcelsiusGPS' first use at Hopkins

More details have been releazed about the first use of Globus Medical's ExcelsiusGPS at Hopkins, back in October.
"The first patient to go through this new procedure had a spine injury from a fall at home. She agreed to the new robotic surgery, in part, because it aims to be 100 percent accurate.  Current image-guided surgical procedures require the surgeon to look back and forth between the patient and an image, which causes imperfection of screw placement. While oftentimes these placements are "good enough," it wasn't good enough for Theodore, who invented the robot and maintains a financial interest in the technology.  This new robot "marries" a CT scan of the patient with the actual patient, allowing the surgeon to point to a spot on the CT scan and tell the robot to aim for that same spot. Connected to a camera, which itself reads landmarks on the patient, the robot is able to process what the camera "sees" with the CT image in real time. The biggest fear in this type of procedure is movement—what if the patient breathes or otherwise moves slightly—but this robot can sense changes in position and adjust accordingly."

The ExcelsiusGPS robot is also available at St. Mary's for minimally invase spine surgery:

Source: PR Newswire


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