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This is a new series of posts on the blog aiming to introduce some of our publications that may be useful to the community. 

Joint Platforms and Community Efforts in Surgical Robotics Research
Takács, Árpád és Jordán, Sándor és Nagy, Dénes Ákos és Pausits, Péter és Haidegger, Tamás és Tar, József and Rudas, Imre (2015) In: MACRo 2015- 5 th International Conference on Recent Achievements in Mechatronics, Automation, Computer Science and Robotics.  

In modern medical research and development, the variety of research tools has extended in the previous years. Exploiting the benefits of shared hardware platforms and software frameworks is crucial to keep up with the technological development rate. Sharing knowledge in terms of algorithms, applications and instruments allows researchers to help each other’s work effectively. Community workshops and publications provide a throughout overview of system design, capabilities, know-how sharing and limitations. This paper provides sneak peek into the emerging collaborative platforms, focusing on available open-source research kits, software frameworks, cloud applications, teleoperation training environments and shared domain ontologies.

Originally appeared in the MACRo proceedings.


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